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Avalon Sanctuary

Wellness, Sustainable Living & World Stewardship

Avalon Sanctuary was founded to provide teachings in Avalon's root spirituality, healing, and Druid disciplines.  Over the past ten years, those functions have been taken over by the Avalon Druid Order (ADO), making the Sanctuary rather redundant.  Over the years, we have found that most people prefer becoming members of the Order and learning nearly everything at a one-time price (the Aspirant/Orientation fee), rather than paying us for one-on-one tutoring.

Therefore, we have decided to close the Sanctuary.  Since we are now living in Virginia, and seldom travel to New York State where our DBA was established, you may still come across references to the Sanctuary for awhile.  Our apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this might cause.

We look forward to meeting you around our Central Hearthfire, if your path should lead you there.  In the meantime, may your journey be blessed!